Phillip Phillips had eight operations during American Idol

Phillip Phillips’ dad informed PEOPLE that Phillip had eight operations on his renal system during his  Idol run. Wow! What a survivor! No wonder he checked like he was in so much discomfort throughout the display.

He’ll be getting another operation soon, but will be prepared for the trip. Get well soon Phillip!


“He’s been doing [well], but it’s just grueling hours and it’s just amazing what he’s done through the journey,” said the singer’s dad, also named Phillip Phillips, at the show’s official Ford-sponsored after party. “Eight operations since we started American Idol … He’s hitting 50 percent, but he’s still up there swinging away.”

The younger Phillips, 21, suffered with a build up of kidney stones and underwent multiple operations to remove them. In the next few weeks, after another surgery to reconstruct his kidneys, he is expected to make a full recovery in time for the Idols Live tour.

“The recovery’s probably two to four weeks,” said his father. “He’s healthy, he’s good. His kidneys are good. I can’t wait for America and the whole world to see him [after his surgery], because he’s a big cut-up. He’s going to have some fun.”

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